The Environment group is responsible for maintaining and improving several areas in the parish. This includes the St Catherine’s Road play area, High House Wood, Greenfield bank in Greenfield Avenue, the churchyard extension, various areas which we mow, and our wonderful, colourful planters.

We also have a responsibility for public rights of way (public footpaths), and have a cutting back programme throughout the spring. Any major work, such as drainage or installation of gates is undertaken by Worcestershire County Council.  We rely on residents to let us know if they find any problems with our footpaths.

We also employ a litter picker who does an admirable job, though some areas are particularly challenging, especially areas around the country park.

Here is a copy of a presentation on the Environment and Climate Crisis given to us at our Annual Assembly in April 2022 by Anna Wardell-Hill of Bromsgrove District Council.  Lickey & Blackwell Annual Assembly @ BDC Environment presentation.

Wildflower Verges (Ver1)