Responsibility for all things related to Highways lie with the County Council. The Parish Council subscribe to the WCC Parish Lengthsman scheme, whereby the cost of our lengthsman, up to a maximum amount, is funded by WCC. Our lengthsman, Ron Rand can undertake minor highways work such as cutting back where road signs are obstructed, siding out footways, cleaning road signs and, most importantly in our parish, clearing drains and gulleys.

Speeding is of concern in certain areas, and we have purchased 2 Vehicle Activated Speed signs which we use at various agreed sites throughout the parish. Our lengthsman is also responsible for moving these signs. We liaise with Worcester County Council, to try and obtain enhanced signage or road markings in areas where speed is a problem.

Parking remains an on-going problem especially around our schools.

Following requests from residents, the Parish Council have cleared the verge from Linthurst Newtown along Blackwell Road to the motorway bridge to give walkers  an alternative to walking in the road. The path is not perfect and is both high and narrow in places but we have done the best with what was there and will make improvements as we can. The best thing for it is constant use – so get walking!

In 2014 we  purchased a phonebox which would otherwise have been removed and having been restored to its former glory, is a wonderful landmark, and now contains both a defibrillator and a book share facility.

We also employ a litter picker and are grateful for the excellent work he does.

To report a highways issue such as a pot hole, or unlit street, light direct to Worcestershire County Council Highways Department. Do have as much information as possible, for example if it is a pothole, the house number which is closest, or for a street light, the number on the column. The system also allows for the uploading of photographs.

We have purchased speed warning stickers for residents to put on their wheelie bins on certain roads and these are available from the parish office.

Road closure notices can be found on our news page.